Uncompromising Home Phone Service From Net-Tell LLC

One of the first things customers notice when they sign up for and set up phone service with Net-Tell LLC is that everything works pretty much the same as it did when they were a customer of their local phone company. Virtually everything about their home phone service works the same because that’s the whole idea. The only difference is one their customers never even see; they use an existing Internet connection, which is cheaper than hard wired landlines, which means they save a lot of money and pass those savings on.

Because Net-Tell uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) they have become a major player in a telephone service revolution. That term might seem too technological and complicated, but all it really means is that you attach your regular telephone to your router and your calls go through the Internet to the party you’re calling. Neither of you will notice a difference until you get the bill and realize it is very simple and most likely less expensive than service with your local phone utility. The good folks at Net-Tell LLC are pioneers and acknowledged leaders in the VoIP phone revolution and their customers appreciate them for it.