The Net-Tell LLC Difference

Net-Tell LLC saves its customers money by offering home telephone service that routes calls over the Internet, rather than a standard phone line, through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Net-Tell service works the same as any other phone service; you connect your existing home telephone to your broadband router and make calls using the Internet. There here is no apparent difference to either you or the people you call. It’s just less expensive.

Even though Net-Tell phone service uses your broadband Internet connection, you don’t need a computer to make calls, which means you can call anyone with a phone number, even if all of your other devices are turned off. Calls will be routed via your Internet connection, which is always on. There is no perceptible difference in either performance or call quality when using Net-Tell LLC phone service. It will work the same as service from your local phone company, except for the cost savings. The people at Net-Tell LLC believe that saving money doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.