Pioneer Home Phone Company Net-Tell LLC Provides Quality for Less

Like everything else they do, Net-Tell LLC makes sure their home phone service is exceptionally easy to set up and it is easy to use; just as easy as using the same standard landline phone with the old traditional telephone company. The hope is, it will be so easy to use that many customers will forget they are no longer dealing with the phone company, at least until they get a much smaller bill with no frightening surprises. Net-Tell LLC plans include unlimited domestic calling, with no long distance charges and tons of extras many traditional phone companies pay extra for.

It’s just a great bargain. There are many reasons why Net-Tell LLC strives to make sure their customers have the best experience possible while using the service. By creating a satisfying experience, customers will be happy. Happy customers are much less likely to flee to another phone company anytime soon. By using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Net-Tell LLC uses the Internet instead of a phone line to route a phone call to its destination, with no loss in call quality. By not having to build out and maintain hardwired landlines, they save a lot on internal costs, which they happily pass on to all of their customers.