Net-Tell LLC Means Budget Home Phone Service With High Quality

Most customers firmly believe in the home telephone service offered by Net-Tell LLC. Most will tell you that the company offers services and features that far exceed the best offerings of their local phone utility, despite the fact that it’s much cheaper, with no unpleasant surprises. Anyone with a broadband Internet connection can simply plug their existing landline phone into the small box that Net-Tell LLC provides and make calls exactly the same way they have for decades. There is no difference in call quality and the service even comes with a lot of extras that many phone companies charge extra to access. Net-Tell LLC is a major bargain in home phone service.

One reason Net-Tell LLC can charge much less is because they don’t have to build out and maintain a network of very expensive hardwired phone lines; instead, they use a technology that is relatively new, but that is growing at a rapid rate and is already very mature. By using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, they route calls over your existing broadband router, which saves Net-Tell LLC a lot of money, which they happily pass on to customers.