Net-Tell LLC Home Phone Service is Highly Rated By Most Users

When you look at the many online reviews of Net-Tell LLC, it is clear that its customers believe the company offers home telephone service that is superior to most other home phone companies, even though they do so at a low price that the local phone utility probably can’t match. Even in this day of massive mobile phone use, many people and many families still need a reliable home phone service. Sometimes, families with small children who are easily distracted by a smartphone, but who may have to get in touch with Mommy or Daddy at some point while they’re at work, need this as an easy option. Likewise, boomers with aging parents who may be freaked out by technology need a home phone service that is just like the kind they are used to.

In addition to unlimited calls and no long-distance charges, Net-Tel LLC offers low rates on international calls and many free features that many other phone companies, including the local phone utility charge a premium for, if they offer it at all. For example, a customer can choose Caller ID service for incoming calls, Caller ID blocking for the calls you make to others, and anonymous call blocking.